3 Tricks To Plan A Fabulous Pizza And Beer Rugby Party With Minimal Effort

Hosting a rugby party is a ton of fun when you get your mates together to cheer for your favourite rugby team. But you're probably worried about the amount of work you'll have to put into throwing it. If you're waiting to see the Wallabies smash their way to a classic victory or if you're simply pepped up for the National Rugby Championship, follow these tricks to plan a fabulous takeaway pizza and beer party with the least effort.

Establish Your Viewing Area

The first thing you'll want to do is to establish a screen area where you and your friends can enjoy an exciting game. If you have an entertainment or family room with a big-screen television, then you already have a great space in your home. If not, you can always rent a large screen television for your living room to watch the game as if you're in the stadium. You can also rent a projector screen and play it in your backyard. This is a great way to enjoy the game and the outdoors at the same time.

Cater To All Your Guests With An Assortment Of Food And Drinks

While the concept of hosting a takeaway pizza and beer party is obvious, these foods may not cater to everyone. You'll want to ensure that all your guests are well taken care of, so it makes sense to consider a few other snacks and drinks that require minimal effort on your part. For example, snacks like chips, dip and kebabs are easily available at most takeaway restaurants and require minimal effort on your part to set them up. Make sure your non-beer drinking guests have a choice of wine and soft drinks available, so you cater well to everyone at your party. When ordering takeaway pizza, you may also want to get a vegetarian choice for people who don't eat meat.

Stick To A Small Guest List For Minimal After-Party Cleanup

The thought of after-party cleanup is enough to make most people pull their hair out. While it can sometimes be tempting to invite many people over, it's probably more fun to enjoy your favourite sport in the company of your best mates. Hosting a party for a handful of people is far easier because you won't have to clean up after too many people once they leave. And if you're really not keen on cleaning up at all, then paper plates and cups will do the trick.

A rugby party provides thrilling entertainment when you throw your favourite rugby team, beer, takeaway pizza and good friends into the mix.