Bakery Equipment: A Comparison of the Different Commercial Ovens

If you are planning to open a new bakery, you must acquire the right equipment for your young business. Your choices with regard to the equipment will affect the quality of your products and the general productivity of the operation. The most crucial piece of bakery equipment will be a commercial oven. This will be the central item which will affect the success of your undertaking. Here is a brief comparison of the primary types of ovens to help you identify the right match.

Convection Oven

The most popular oven design is the convection oven. This type of equipment is favoured because of its simplicity and subsequent low price of purchase. Basically, a convection oven works by circulating the hot air in the oven using specialised fans. This results in uniform heating of the space. The oven is ideal for baking pastries, cakes, bread, pies, cookies and other delights because it causes even browning and produces repeatable results. When shopping for a convection oven, you should look for advanced features such as power options, placement style and other technological features.

Revolving Tray Oven

The revolving tray oven is designed using the same theory as the rotisserie style oven. This option is popular in commercial bakeries because it provides quality, versatility and volume. Typically, this equipment consists of multiple large trays which are mounted on a carousel. This component rotates in a horizontal motion within the baking chamber. You can bake different products on each of the trays at the same time. This versatile oven is also suited for roasting meat and handling other similar cooking applications. If you want high volume production, this is the ideal choice for your operation. Unfortunately, the high cost of purchase can be a major limitation for a young business.

Deck Ovens

Deck ovens are ideal for bakers who are interested in making artisan style breads. For example, you should consider this if you plan on preparing baguettes, ciabatta and even rustica bread. This type of oven is fabricated with stone cooking decks. The pertinent foods are baked directly on this surface, so the outer layer or crust will be crispy. At the same time, the moisture will be sealed in, ensuring that the inner flesh is soft and perfectly moist. You can control the exact properties of the baked delights by varying the amount of steam released into the chambers.

When choosing the ideal commercial oven for your bakery, you should consider factors such as the manufacturer, special features and even consumer reviews.