Bakery Equipment: A Comparison of the Different Commercial Ovens

If you are planning to open a new bakery, you must acquire the right equipment for your young business. Your choices with regard to the equipment will affect the quality of your products and the general productivity of the operation. The most crucial piece of bakery equipment will be a commercial oven. This will be the central item which will affect the success of your undertaking. Here is a brief comparison of the primary types of ovens to help you identify the right match. Read More 

Reasons Why the Finger Food Catering Craze Is Gaining So Much Enthusiasm

With growing demands for catering today when most people prefer to mingle socially away from their busy professional lives, finger food catering has become the ideal way to make the services possible. As expected, you eat finger food by hand. Therefore, you do not to use knives and forks to enjoy the meal. Finger food catering ideas emanated from the appetizer idea that people are normally served before the meal. Read More 

How To Make Filo Pastry

Your local bakery is the place to go if you enjoy the crispy, paper-thin delight of pastries made from filo pastry.  You can choose from apple strudel, baklava, samosas and even spring rolls, all of which are made using delicious, buttery filo pastry.  However, if you fancy having a go at making your own filo pastry, here's how you do it! Making filo pastry Filo pastry is notoriously tricky to make, but you'll get a great sense of achievement if your DIY attempt is a success. Read More 

3 Ways To Cater Your Wedding On A Budget

The food for your wedding is likely to be your largest expense, so unsurprisingly it's often the first area couples look at when trying to trim costs. There are several budget catering options to consider and you can even prepare some of the food yourself, but if you really want to save on the catering it's probably best to forget a three-course dinner. Here are three cheaper alternatives that will still impress your guests: Read More 

3 Expert Tips on How to Buy Quality Sushi Fish

Sushi is a meal that tastes best when the fish is fresh. The fish can be frozen to retain the flavour and freshness or cooked immediately they leave the waters depending on the supply and demand needs of the local environment. If you are planning to treat yourself to an amazing meal, or you perhaps want to offer sushi catering services like Pink Rice, then here are some tips to help you get the best fish for your meals. Read More