3 Tricks To Plan A Fabulous Pizza And Beer Rugby Party With Minimal Effort

Hosting a rugby party is a ton of fun when you get your mates together to cheer for your favourite rugby team. But you're probably worried about the amount of work you'll have to put into throwing it. If you're waiting to see the Wallabies smash their way to a classic victory or if you're simply pepped up for the National Rugby Championship, follow these tricks to plan a fabulous takeaway pizza and beer party with the least effort. Read More 

Dreaming of a Warm Aussie Christmas: Christmas Function Foods that’s Cool

If you are holding a Christmas function over the next few weeks you'll realise that a traditional roast and fruitcake meal sound much less appealing in the warm Australian climate, compared to the cooler Northern hemisphere. If you are looking for some ideas for function food that are festive but not heavy or hot, here are some ideas to get you started. Barbequed turkey While roasting a turkey in the warm weather can see too much as the oven heats the house, shutting the lid of a barbeque can let you slow cook your turkey to perfection. Read More 

Desserts you can enjoy on a Paleo diet

Paleo diets are one of the most popular health and lifestyle trends so far this century. Followers believe that modern diets are leaving us more lethargic and less well-nourished than our cavemen ancestors were. As a result, they aim to eat only foods which could have been enjoyed by paleolithic man -- which rules out dairy, grains (and therefore gluten), legumes, refined sugar and processed oils. Those of you with a sweet-tooth will have spotted that this means cutting out traditional cakes and sweet treats. Read More 

Make And Decorate Cupcakes To Fit The Theme Of Your Child’s Birthday Party

It seems the days of kids asking for a plain old chocolate cake for their birthday celebrations are long gone. Today, it's all about themed parties and favourite cartoon or TV show characters, but the cost of ordering a themed cake can run into hundreds of dollars. Making cupcakes at home is cheap, easy and the cupcakes can be decorated to match the chosen theme without much effort or know-how. Cupcakes are easy to hand out to guests and even pop into party bags for them to take home. Read More 

Delicious catering options for your next breakfast event

As people struggle to fit in events into today's busy corporate culture, more and more events planners are turning to breakfast events. Here are some catering options, which are easy to eat, and low mess when wearing corporate attire: Baked eggs While eggs are a common breakfast food, poached, fried and scrambled eggs all have the tendency to be a little messy. A baked eggs dish is compact and easy to eat, and the eggs can be baked with delicious toppings including bacon or avocado for an extra kick. Read More