A Guide on Vegetarian-Friendly Catering Services

Although vegetarians have existed for years, the trend has become very popular in recent years as people seek to lead healthier lifestyles. As a caterer, you must have realised that it is increasingly difficult to offer catering services without a few people requesting a vegetarian menu. In this excerpt, you will learn a few ways of ensuring your menu is vegetarian-friendly. 

Vegan and vegetarian; what's the difference? 

This is very important, as the two lifestyles are often confused. Vegetarians are people who do not consume meat, but they do consume animal products such as dairy and eggs. On the other hand, vegans do not consume meats or animal products. When consulting with clients ask them to be specific about which of the two you should consider. 

Food options for vegetarians

An instant choice for many people looking to create a vegetarian menu is vegetables. However, you have to be creative with the menu. Do some research on the vegetarian diet and come up with a good recipe. Ensure that the menu is nutritious by adding carbohydrates and proteins. Consider protein-rich grains, beans, mushrooms and soy when creating the menu. Sauces such as barbecue, berry and alfredo are an instant way of making the food tasty. Also consider vegetarian-friendly sandwiches, kebabs, and burgers. These might give the guests a lasting memory of the event which might lead to more business in the future. Remember to ask your client if any religious or cultural factors might affect the menu.

Preparing your staff

Start by training your staff on how to prepare vegetarian dishes. This is important, as you would not want bad-tasting foods on the day of the event. Be very careful about the ingredients; for instance, some types of cheese are not vegetarian. Your staff members have to be adequately prepared to serve vegans and vegetarians. You can opt to have a special station for those that would like the vegetarian diet. Remember that some of the vegetarian food, such as vegetables, grains and beans, might also be appealing to other guests and people with allergies to certain meats.


Creating a vegetarian menu might have an impact on your pricing, as you may require extra ingredients and personnel. It is essential to consider this and to let the client know about the implications of having an additional menu. However, do not overprice the service, as you may lose the client. 

The primary considerations to make when considering a vegetarian-friendly catering service are the food options, staff preparations and the pricing. Contact catering companies in your area for additional ideas.