Delicious catering options for your next breakfast event

As people struggle to fit in events into today's busy corporate culture, more and more events planners are turning to breakfast events. Here are some catering options, which are easy to eat, and low mess when wearing corporate attire:

Baked eggs

While eggs are a common breakfast food, poached, fried and scrambled eggs all have the tendency to be a little messy. A baked eggs dish is compact and easy to eat, and the eggs can be baked with delicious toppings including bacon or avocado for an extra kick. Baked eggs can be easily cooked at the same time in large muffin trays, or in single serves in pudding ramekins. You can even cook the eggs in the hollow of an avocado half, if you feel like adding a serious kick of healthy omega-3 to your breakfast menu.

Yeast-risen baked goods

Pastries are another common breakfast food, but tend to generate greasy crumbs. Yeast risen baked goods are often a great option and can be just as delicious. Try baked donuts, Belgian waffles and fruit breads are all great alternatives to pastries and can be made in small sizes so that people can try multiple flavours. Try using some alternative flours such as spelt for a unique taste and texture that can also suit people with dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance.

French toast

An old breakfast favourite, French toast is a great option for corporate breakfasts. It's a filling breakfast food which is easy to eat and can be flavoured with fruit of spices for a unique taste sensation. You can even serve French, if you are running a stand-up event where people will be eating on their feet.

Yoghurt parfait bar

If you are running a breakfast buffet, offering a choice of yoghurts in fancy glasses that can be topped with a range of fresh and dried fruits chopped nuts and other delicious toppings can be a elegant option. This lets people have some control over their own dishes and is a cost-effective and efficient way to add some choice selection into your menu. You can even experiment with different types of muesli and grain toppings.

If you are running a corporate breakfast event, planning a spectacular menu can help you to standout from other events and truly impressed your guests? Why not call you local catering company and discuss some innovative breakfast catering options for your next event.

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