3 Ways to Keep Daycare Catering Affordable

If you're running a daycare, there is a constant pressure to keep costs down. One of the most controllable of the variable costs is the daycare catering cost. Here are some ideas that can help you keep costs down. Slow cooking Using the slow cooker is a great way to save money, especially when you opt to use cheaper cuts of meat and dried legumes such as chickpeas. Slow cookers can be set up at the start of the day for the lunch meal and can create a cheap and nutritious meal. Read More 

4 simple ways to become a better cook

Cooking is a fundamental skill of life. People cook so that they can nourish themselves, so that they can experience the pleasure of putting delicious food into their stomachs, and so that they can look after the people they love the most by cooking meals and treat for them. But for some, cooking is just not a very developed skill, and they miss out on all this greatness that comes from cooking their own meals. Read More 

Don’t Be A Dastardly Diner: How To Be A Great Restaurant Customer

Think you know how to eat at a restaurant? OK, so it's not particularly complicated… enter, order, eat, pay, then leave. Of course, there's a difference between merely eating at restaurants and being a good customer, and better customers will usually receive better customer service. You'll also enjoy your dining experience more if you're realistic about what a restaurant can and can't do. So what are some tasty tricks for being an exemplary eater? Read More 

How To Eat Healthy At A Chinese Restaurant

If you are planning on enjoying a meal at a Chinese restaurant, you don't have to worry about blowing your diet. There are many options on most Chinese restaurant menus that are diet-friendly, and you can have your nice meal without feeling guilty about it later on. Here are some tips that will allow you to enjoy eating at Chinese restaurants without worrying about it being unhealthy or fattening. Soups Read More 

3 Ways To Cater Your Wedding On A Budget

The food for your wedding is likely to be your largest expense, so unsurprisingly it's often the first area couples look at when trying to trim costs. There are several budget catering options to consider and you can even prepare some of the food yourself, but if you really want to save on the catering it's probably best to forget a three-course dinner. Here are three cheaper alternatives that will still impress your guests: Read More